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MIT News: Alumni connection

Tech Reunions return to MIT’s campus for a historic celebration

Alumni rejoice at being able to reconnect in person again.

August 24, 2022

After two years of virtual celebrations, MIT welcomed back more than 9,800 alumni and guests to celebrate the anniversaries of their graduation from the Institute. The festivities included an on-campus graduation celebration featuring a key-note address from Kealoha Wong ’99 for the classes of 2020 and 2021, whose commencement ceremonies were held online. In addition to milestone reunion year classes, the 50th and 25th reunion classes from the last two years were also invited back to celebrate.

wide view of audience and stage at Tech Night
Tech Night at Pops, an exclusive performance for MIT at Symphony Hall in Boston, marked its 124th year with soloist Sitan Chen, PhD ’21.
guests around a table under a banner reading MIT Alumni
The celebration continued at the Pops Encore Party.

procession of alumni holding a 72 banner
In celebration of their 50th reunions, alumni from the classes of 1970, 1971, and 1972 led Friday’s procession into Killian Court. Commencement exercises also included a keynote address from Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, MCP ’78, PhD ’81, director-general of the World Trade Organization.
Annalisa Weigel in robes carrying a gold mace
The 2021-2022 Alumni Association president Annalisa Weigel ’94, ’95, SM ’00, PhD ’02, served as the chief marshal at commencement, carrying the ceremonial mace.
Carol Epstein '72 displays her new scarf
Carol Epstein '72 displays her new swag at the Association of Alumnae scarf ceremony, part of the 50th reunion celebration.
Tech Day seminar
This year’s Tech Day program featured a morning session on research in the field of longevity and innovation and an afternoon session celebrating economics.
 Reinier Beeuwkes ’67 and Dheera Ananthakrishnan ’90.
The event also featured the first recognition of the MIT Alumni Better World Service Award, given to Reinier Beeuwkes ’67 and Dheera Ananthakrishnan ’90.

participants outdoors at Multicultural Fest
Alumni reconnect and dance at the Multicultural Fest.
Emily Jamieson ’97 (left) and Stefanie Lemon ’97 wearing lobster bibs
Emily Jamieson ’97 (left) and Stefanie (Speaker) Lemon ’97 celebrate their 25th reunion with a lobster bake.

group of friends at party take a cell photo of themselves
partygoers with confetti and colored lights
After a full day of events, Saturday was capped off with games and a live band at Toast to Tech—where alumni danced and talked late into the night.

The excitement on campus was palpable—alumni rejoiced at reconnecting in person over the weekend as they enjoyed touring the campus, learning from MIT faculty and fellow alums at the Tech Day program, catching up with classmates at class dinners and “TIMTalk” presentations, and dancing the night away at Toast to Tech.

Photos above are by photographers Allegra Boverman, Juliette Halsey, Mel Musto, and Mike Spencer. To see more photos from the weekend, visit

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