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Recent books from the MIT community

Business Opportunities
By Francis D. Tuggle ’64, Lenny Berl, Chad Berl, and Seth Berl

The Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences
By Keith Sawyer ’82

The Constitution of the United States
By Christine Taylor-Butler ’83
SCHOLASTIC BOOKS, 2022, $14.99

Startup Boards: A Field Guide to Building and Leading an Effective Board of Directors (Second Edition)
By Brad Feld ’87, SM ’88, Matt Blumberg, and Mahendra Ramsinghani
WILEY, 2022, $29.95

The Simulated Multiverse: An MIT Computer Scientist Explores Parallel Universes, the Simulation Hypothesis, Quantum Computing, and the Mandela Effect
By Rizwan Virk ’92
Bayview Publishing, 2021, $9.99

Again, Essie?
By Jenny Bartels Lacika ’06 and Teresa Martinez
CHARLESBRIDGE, 2022, $15.99

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Rendering of Waterfront Toronto project
Rendering of Waterfront Toronto project

Toronto wants to kill the smart city forever

The city wants to get right what Sidewalk Labs got so wrong.

windows desktop with anime image from Wallpaper Engine
windows desktop with anime image from Wallpaper Engine

Chinese gamers are using a Steam wallpaper app to get porn past the censors

Wallpaper Engine has become a haven for ingenious Chinese users who use it to smuggle adult content as desktop wallpaper. But how long can it last?

Yann LeCun
Yann LeCun

Yann LeCun has a bold new vision for the future of AI

One of the godfathers of deep learning pulls together old ideas to sketch out a fresh path for AI, but raises as many questions as he answers.

Linux hack concept
Linux hack concept

The US military wants to understand the most important software on Earth

Open-source code runs on every computer on the planet—and keeps America’s critical infrastructure going. DARPA is worried about how well it can be trusted

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