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Google Glass is back with a new $999 headset designed for businesses

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

The augmented-reality glasses will continue to be sold to businesses rather than directly to consumers.

A reminder: Google Glass was much derided when it launched back in 2013. Since then, it’s faded from public view but has quietly gained a foothold in various industries, including logistics and manufacturing, providing hands-free access to information as people work.

What’s new: The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 has a more powerful processor, a new artificial-intelligence engine, a better camera, faster charging, and better battery life, as well as other updates, Google said in a blog post.

High hopes: Google has moved the product out of its X “moonshot factory” and into its range of products. It’s also built this latest edition of Glass on Android, which it hopes will make it easier for businesses to adopt.

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