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Facebook will now remind you how much of your life you spend staring at it


The social network has released new tools that let you see how long you are on Facebook and Instagram each day.

The update: Both apps will get “Your Time” and “Your Activity” settings that will let you see how you spent your time on the app over the last week. The functions will be rolled out to users over the next week.

Limit yourself: You can also enable push notifications that will alert you when you’ve reached a certain amount of time on the app each day, making you more aware of how much of your day you spend liking photos and watching your friends’ cat videos.

But … The apps don’t give any indication of what is a healthy amount of time to spend browsing through posts, or how someone compares with an average user. In 2016 it was reported that the average person spends 50 minutes each day on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp combined, but time spent on Facebook has been decreasing of late.