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Waymo racks up a million autonomous miles in one month


The self-driving company continues to pick up the pace.

History by the numbers: In November last year, Waymo’s robotic cars hit four million miles driven on public roads. Last month, it reached a total of seven million miles.

Racking up the miles: Now Waymo has hit eight million miles driven, adding a million miles since last month and doubling its figure from November in a mere eight months. “We’re driving now at the rate of 25,000 miles every day on public roads,” CEO John Krafcik said on Friday.

Why it matters: These mileage figures are leagues ahead of competitors’. And the company is still adding more autonomous cars to its fleet. In May it announced its intent to buy 62,000 minivans from Chrysler. With all these new vehicles hitting the streets, Waymo is poised to pull further ahead of its competition in experience and training on its cars’ software.

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