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Flippy the burger-making robot has started its shift


Now you can get a robo-grilled burger at the California restaurant chain CaliBurger.

Fries with that, human? Miso Robotics’ Flippy grilled its first patty a year ago, but it has now refined its skills to be production-ready in a real restaurant. Using cameras, 3-D sensing, and thermal imaging, Flippy monitors the grill, flipping and removing burgers at just the right moment.

A human touch: Flippy’s human coworkers still carry most of the burger-making load. The machine’s initial schedule has it working a laid-back 10.5 hours a week. Human assistants are also still required during Flippy’s shift, to lay out raw patties and add fixings to the burger.

The price tag: NPR reports the burger bot currently retails at $60,000, but CaliBurger has exclusive rights to the robot for six months. So, sorry—you’ll have to wait a little longer before purchasing your own burger chef.

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