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This Robot Gives You Arms to Lift a Half-Ton


Say hello to Guardian GT, who wants to take the strain out of your manual labor.

This mean-looking machine from Sarcos Robotics is designed to give you superhuman strength. Its pair of seven-foot arms, each able to lift 500 pounds, is controlled with eerie smoothness by a human. The controller provides force feedback so that the operator can feel what's happening—though it only takes five pounds of force, instead of the full 1,000, according to Wired. The dimensions of the arms are scaled like those of a regular human, too, all in a bid to make the system intuitiuvely easy to use. Sarcos says it’s designed to perform tasks like emptying massive disposal bins or moving huge metal pipes, with a diesel motor that can keep it going at up to four miles per hour for seven hours.

As we've said before, humans and robots will need to work together to be efficient in the future. If that means using bots like this, count me in.