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EmTech Digital 2015 Media Coverage

MIT Technology Review’s annual emerging digital technology event garners hundreds of stories, millions of eyeballs.

With a lineup of excellent speakers, including the executive team of Magic Leap, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield, Viv Labs cofounder Adam Cheyer, Empatica chief scientist and MIT professor Rosalind Picard, the 2015 EmTech Digital conference was an overwhelming success. Seventy registered members of the press covered the event from start to finish, capturing all the notable moments in hundreds of stories. Magic Leap and Pinterest made headlines with important product announcements, while emerging technologies in the digital space were highlighted on stage and featured in the media. Here is a selection of some of the media coverage from the event.

MIT Technology Review Coverage

Magic Leap Announces Its Augmented Reality Developer Platform
Magic Leap wants game makers, filmmakers, and other creators to build augmented-reality experiences on its platform, and today onstage at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital conference, it announced how that will happen.

Business Insider
Google-Backed Magic Leap Is Asking People to Make Apps for Its Holographic Computer When Barely Anyone Has Seen It
“We’re out of the R&D phase and into the transition to real product introduction,” CEO Rony Abovitz said onstage at MIT’s EmTech Digital conference, alongside Magic Leap chief futurist and famed novelist Neal Stephenson.

YouTube’s User Personalization ‘Going Granular’ to Double Its Reach
The key lies in tailored viewing experiences, according to Manuel Bronstein, head of product, consumers at YouTube, who spoke at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital on Monday.

Tech Times
Magic Leap Plans to Open Augmented Reality Platform to Developers
During a speech at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital, Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz announced that his company was opening up its software development kit (SDK) to third-party developers.

Magic Leap’s Flying Whales Are Now One Step Closer to Reality
Speaking at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital conference, CEO Rony Abovitz has now begun to release some firm details, announcing the developer program and the availability of hardware.

Google’s Project Loon Internet Balloons Coming to U.S., Eventually
Not right away, but Project Loon head Mike Cassidy said Monday that Google will conduct tests in the Northern Hemisphere starting later this year. He made the comments at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital conference in San Francisco.

Magic Leap Launches a Developer Platform for Apps, Games, and Movies
CEO Rony Abovitz announced on stage earlier this week at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital Conference that a software-development kit, or SDK, will be available soon.

Magic Leap to Offer SDK to Developers and Interactive Storytellers
Today at the EmTech Digital conference, Magic Leap chief creative officer Graeme Devine confirmed those plans during an appearance with the company’s CEO, Rony Abovitz and science fiction author Neal Stephenson (Snow Crash), who now works with the company.

Google-Backed Augmented Reality Startup Launches Third-Party Developer SDK
During a panel talk at the EmTech Digital conference in San Francisco, Magic Leap executives said they would be training developers to use their software development kit and that developers could sign up on the Magic Leap website to get more information.

Pinterest Has a Grand Plan to Let You Instantly Buy What You Pinned
At MIT’s EmTech Digital Conference on Monday, Pinterest showed off mockups of “action buttons” that would let users buy products directly or add items to a wish list.

Magic Leap Unveils Its Development Platform to Create Mind-Boggling Augmented-Reality Apps
The Dania Beach, Florida-based startup announced at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital conference that it wants game developers, filmmakers, and other media creators to build augmented-reality experiences using its software development kit.

The Verge
Magic Leap Is Getting Ready to Release Its Software Development Platform
At MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital summit, veteran game designer and Magic Leap “chief creative officer” Graeme Devine announced that the company has built a software development kit that supports the Unity and Unreal game engines.

Digital Trends
Google-Funded Magic Leap Takes Step Toward Awesome AR Apps, Announces SDK
Graeme Devine, Magic Leap’s chief creative officer, revealed the startup’s plans at MIT’s EmTech Digital conference on Tuesday, saying he wanted content creators involved in games, movies, and other sectors to help take its technology to the next stage.

South Florida Business Journal
Magic Leap to Build Manufacturing Facility in Florida, Open Platform to Developers
Abovitz made the announcement on stage at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital conference.

Miami Herald
Magic Leap Opening Its Platform to Developers, Reveals Manufacturing Facility Plans
At MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital conference in San Francisco this week, Magic Leap announced that it will begin to allow game makers, filmmakers, and other creators to build augmented-reality experiences on its platform.

Daily Mail
Forget Batteries, Your Phone Could Soon Be Powered by Wi-Fi: Technology Uses Radio Waves to Connect and Charge Devices
The technology was first showcased by researchers at Washington University in August, but lead engineer Shyam Gollakota recently demonstrated the prototype router at the EmTech Digital conference.

Pinterest Is Announcing Buyable Pins and a Partnership with Stripe
Tim Kendall, Pinterest’s head of partner products, revealed mockups of “buy buttons” at EmTech Digital, a conference in San Francisco produced by MIT Technology Review, on Monday.

The Street
Google’s Domination in Advertising Is Being Challenged by Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook
At MIT’s EmTech Digital conference on Monday, Pinterest’s head of partnerships, Tim Kendall, spoke about partnering with retailers and Amazon on the actual transactions.

Yahoo Tech
One Day Your Devices May Run on Wi-Fi Instead of Batteries
At this week’s EmTech Digital conference in San Francisco, Shyam Gollakota demonstrated a way to power devices using nothing but the wireless signals zipping invisibly by us thousands of times each second.

Yahoo Tech
Pinterest and Instagram Adding Buy Buttons to Pins, Photos
At MIT’s EmTech Digital Conference on June 1, Pinterest head of partnerships Tim Kendall showed off mockups of other action buttons, including a FreshDirect “Get Ingredients Delivered” button and Amazon’s “Add to wish list” or “Add to cart” buttons.

Here’s How Pinterest’s Soon-to-Come ‘Buy’ Button Will Work
Tim Kendall, Pinterest’s head of partner products, outlined a couple of intriguing examples at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital conference.

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