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Celebrate MIT's 150th Anniversary

Join the festivities wherever you are in the global MIT community
December 21, 2010

If you live near Cambridge, celebrating MIT’s 150th anniversary can be a close-up affair—come to the April 10 convocation in Boston, attend symposia and performances, or participate in the April 30 campus open house. And if you are among the 87 percent of alumni who live outside Massachusetts, the celebration is for you, too. Starting January 7, when campus events kick off, the MIT 150 website will offer interactive features, event details, and webcasting plans—and plans are brewing for local alumni events as well.

For face-to-face fun, check with your local MIT club, MIT Enterprise Forum chapter, or other area representative for special Toast to IAP events for recent graduates, Charter Day celebrations, and service days. Tech Reunions 2011 participants are invited to celebrate at the Tech 150th finale, which will feature live music, a multimedia retrospective, champagne, and cake. To learn more, click “Alumni” on the MIT 150 website,, where you will also find links to ways to celebrate from afar:

MIT Global Challenge—Take part in innovative entrepreneurship for the public good. You can identify a problem, suggest a solution, and join a team to take action. Or simply cast your vote for a project, then watch the solutions unfold online as winning teams put their prize money to work.

The Corridor—Add your tale of MIT life (perhaps a great class or an extracurricular experience) to this online story bank.

Infinite History Project—Using a new technology from alumni startup 3Play Media, you can browse more than 100 video interviews with extraordinary individuals such as Institute Professor Robert Langer, ScD ‘74, a biotechnology pioneer, and Emily Wade ‘45, an elected member of the Massachusetts Hall of Fame for Science Educators.

MIT Museum 150 Exhibition—View the 150 objects or ideas selected to symbolize the heart and mind of MIT. You can add comments in text, video, or audio form. Nominations include an 8.012 p-set, an Apollo cockpit, the Caltech cannon hack, and the Infinite Corridor.

MIT Timeline—Explore images, sound, and video in an interactive Web feature created by the MIT Archives.

MIT Press BooksBecoming MIT: Moments of Decision presents essays on turning points that helped define MIT (see “MIT by the Book,” p. M10). A Widening Sphere: Evolving Cultures at MIT, slated for publication in March, traces MIT’s evolution through the lives of its first nine presidents. Also watch for the spring releases Mens et Mania: The MIT Nobody Knows, a humorous account of professor emeritus Samuel Jay Keyser’s 30 years in teaching and administration, and an updated version of Nightwork: A History of Hacks and Pranks at MIT.

Social Media—Get updates on the MIT 150 Facebook page ( or the MIT 150 Twitter feed:

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