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"Why I Volunteer for MIT"

2006 Bronze Beaver Award winners

John D. Chisholm ‘75
“Success in life requires surrounding yourself with high-quality people. MIT alumni form the most creative, thoughtful, and proactive community I am privileged to be part of. I find myself constantly energized and inspired by MIT alums’ ideas, plans, and achievements. Beyond that, something I most enjoy and value about MIT clubs is the opportunity to extend the intellectual growth and excitement we experienced at MIT throughout our lives. Getting to meet and hear professors as well as MIT-trained entrepreneurs and executives discuss new ideas and innovations in science, technology, and business is a critical part of my lifelong learning.”

President Susan Hockfield celebrates the MIT Club of Hartford’s 100th anniversary with event chair Leon Kaatz ‘64, center, and Hartford mayor Eddie Perez. The event earned a Presidental Citation Award. (Courtesy of the MIT Club of Hartford)

Volunteer roles: Corporation Visiting Committee, Board of Directors, Alumni Fund Board, Club of Northern California officer, reunion and reunion gift committees, affinity group, Educational Council

Joseph Harrington III ‘61
“If you are blessed in life, you naturally want to give back something. Other people’s gifts of time and money made it possible for us to attend MIT. Those who can should return the gifts, and that’s why I volunteer for MIT.

“My grandfather, who attended Boston Tech in the Class of 1896, was a proud and enthusiastic alum. My father, Class of 1930, volunteered for the Second Century campaign and was president of his class, so I certainly had a great role model. Volunteering seems a very natural thing to do.”

Volunteer roles: Corporation Visiting Committees, Alumni Fund Board, Educational Council, reunion and reunion gift committees, class officer, Venture Mentoring Service, Corporation Development Committee, and Nuclear Science and Engineering Campaign Committee

Scott P. Marks Jr. ‘68
“If it had not been for MIT, I would not have had the professional and other successes I had. And I could not have gone to MIT except for financial aid. So in a way, I feel a debt of gratitude that I want to repay.

“The second reason I volunteer is the opportunity to come to campus and reconnect with the exciting things happening there and with interesting people. The opportunity to serve as the Alumni Association president this last year has been a wonderful experience.”

Volunteer roles: Corporation member, Corporation Visiting Committees, Association president 2005-2006, Board of Directors, Alumni Fund Board, reunion gifts committee

Learn How to Lead
More than 400 alumni volunteers and guests returned to campus in September for the Alumni Leadership Conference. For handouts and highlights, visit

Alumni Volunteers Make the Difference
The MIT Alumni Association Board of Directors honored 32 extraordinary individuals and groups at the Alumni Leadership Conference Awards Dinner on Saturday, September 16.

Bronze Beaver Award
Highest Association honor for individuals

John D. Chisholm ‘75

Joseph Harrington III ‘61

Scott P. Marks Jr. ‘68

Henry B. Kane ‘24 Award
Exceptional service in fund-raising

Sharon A. Israel ‘86

Reynold H. Lewke ‘76

Susan A. Riedel ‘76

James D. Shields ‘71

Harold E. Lobdell ‘17 Distinguished Service Award
Outstanding service in alumni relations

Bruce N. Anderson ‘69

Lisa M. Bendixen ‘79

Kim L. Hunter ‘86

Eleanore G. Klepser ‘66

Robert J. Lepkowski ‘76

Bernard Loyd ‘83

Stuart Schmill ‘86

Kenneth Wang ‘71

George B. Morgan ‘20 Award
Excellent Educational Council activity

Lindsey A. Briggs ‘60

Kathleen E. Brown ‘93

Soma Chaudhuri ‘84

Arthur E. Cole Jr. ‘68

Darryl M. Fraser ‘80

Leslye Fraser ‘78

Will Gaherty ‘84

Bradford E. Hampson ‘75

Samuel L. Hurt ‘81

Thomas Glen Leo ‘75

Kyung-Sup Lee Rah ‘79

Hiroaki Suzuki CH ‘79

Presidential Citation Award
Highest Association honor for an organization

Class of 1950 55th-Reunion Committee McCormick Hall Reunion

MIT Club of Hartford 100th-Anniversary Celebration

MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge–Energy Special Interest Group