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Alumni Leadership Conference

It saluted volunteers.
December 15, 2005

More than 400 MIT alumni and guests gathered at the 2005 Alumni Leadership Conference (ALC) on campus September 23-24 to honor outstanding volunteers and brainstorm ways to strengthen the alumni network and raise funds for MIT.

“I have seen the spectacular benefit that MIT gets from its incredibly devoted alumni,” MIT president Susan Hockfield told the plenary audience – and then she urged her listeners to tell MIT’s story in their communities. “I view this group as our information army, and your dedication and help in spreading the news about MIT is important beyond description. The nation desperately needs the kind of inspiration that comes out of MIT.”

The ALC theme, “Celebrating Excellence,” reverberated all weekend, from the keynote speech on leadership, to the awards dinner honoring alumni volunteers, to the faculty research presentations. “Every volunteer here helps to increase the visibility of MIT and helps the world to understand the excellence that lies within,” Alumni Association president Scott P. Marks Jr. ‘68 told the conference participants, who serve as class, club, and affinity group officers; educational counselors; fund-raisers; Enterprise Forum volunteers; and Fraternity, Sorority, and Independent Living Group representatives.

Marks presented the prestigious Bronze Beaver and other awards to individuals and groups at a festive dinner Friday night. This year marked the 50th anniversary of the Bronze Beaver, given for distinguished service to the Institute and/or the Alumni Association. Read more about ALC online.

Award Winners Spell Out M-I-T at ALC
[These numbers correspond to the numbers in parentheses in the awards list. Letter M, from lower left: 16, 13, 3, 4, 20, 21, 22, 15, 6, 23, 7, 2, 24, 10, 5. Letter I, from top: 17, 1, 25, 8, 26, 27. Letter T, crossbar, from left: 28, 9, 14, 18; stem, from top: 12, 11, 19.]

2005 Alumni Leadership Conference Award Winners

Bronze Beaver Award
Rafael L. Bras ‘72 (1)
Frank T. Hulswit ‘49 (2)
Dale Schain Krouse ‘71 (3)

Henry B. Kane ‘24 Award
Gerald M. Appelstein ‘80 (4)
Barry R. Bronfin ‘60 (5)
Melvin J. Gardner ‘50 (6)
John J. Golden Jr. ‘65 (7)
Theodore Papastavros ‘55 (8)

Harold E. Lobdell ‘17 Distinguished Service Award
William G. Denhard ‘42 (9)
Jonathan M. Goldstein ‘83 (10)
Thomas D. Halket ‘70 (11)
Frederick F. Schaller Jr. ‘39 (not shown)
Norman I. Sebell ‘44 (12)
K. Anne Street ‘69 (13)
Douglas E. Vincent ‘89 (14)

George B. Morgan ‘20 Award
Enrique Garcia Corona, SM ‘66 (15)
Mark D. Horowitz ‘71 (16)
Samer S. Khanachet ‘71 (17)
William J. McGinnis ‘66 (18)
Jean B. Paskowitz ‘73 (not shown)
Irving L. Paskowitz ‘73 (19)
C. E. (Ed) Rinehart ‘64 (not shown)

Presidential Citation Award
Class of 1935 Reunion and Reunion Gift Committees: Edward Woll ‘35 (24), Thonet Dauphine ‘35 (26)MIT Club of Long Island 50th-Anniversary Event: Robert Pokorny ‘69 (21), Mary Motto ‘93 (27), Edward Tally ‘59 (28) MIT Club of Wisconsin Technology Award: Herbert Zien, SM ‘73 (20), Allyn Ziegenhagen, SM ‘59 (23), Richard Booth ‘74 (25) Young Alumni Campaign Committee: Annalisa Weigel ‘94 (22)

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