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Found Poetry of the Broadcast Flag

Lois C. Ambash took my article Losing Control of Your TV and created a poem with it:LOSING CONTROLNot that I would ever do such a thing.Of course, that’s all history trying to putthe technological genieback in the bottle.It’s a messy…

Lois C. Ambash took my article Losing Control of Your TV and created a poem with it:


Not that I would
do such a thing.
Of course, that’s
all history trying to put
the technological genie
back in the bottle.
It’s a messy and expensive
business, the nightmare scenario
scooped up by techno-geeks,
these merry pranksters,
presumably Hollywood’s.
Why would people in Hong Kong
want the broadcast flag?
A greedy industry asking for
a much more expansive repetoire:
Time-shift this program.
Skip this program’s commercials.
Disable your TV’s channel changer.
Self-destruct in five seconds.
Who knows what Hollywood
will dream up next?

Thanks, Lois!

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