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Robots learn to grasp objects by practicing and teaching each other


According to MIT Technology Review, the robots picked up objects 75 percent “more reliably” using Tellex’s method than using its preloaded software.


Taming the New Frontiers in Gene Editing


“Evolution is no longer gradual or subject to chance,” said Antonio Regaldo in the MIT Technology Review. “It is immediate and under human control.”


Implantable LEDs Could Block Pain Wirelessly

Discovery News

Via MIT Technology Review: Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are covering new ground on both of these fronts by implanting tiny LEDs under the skin to display where certain areas of the body are hurting.


This week we’ll know whether Amazon can start making drone deliveries


The company will carry out the tests in North Carolina using an avoidance system it developed, called LATAS, according to MIT Technology Review.


Third party tracking ‘still legal,’ according to FCC

The Christian Science Monitor

MIT Technology Review notes, the “safety” line gets blurred is when third-party trackers, such as advertisers or analytics companies, start piecing together a profile of a user based on users’ cookie data.


Robot toddler learns to stand – simply by imagining it

Wired UK

When it’s put into an unfamiliar position, MIT Technology Review reports–such as in a new pose, on the floor–Darwin’s neural networks work on their own to find a solution.


Everything you need to know about why CRISPR is such a hot technology

The Washington Post

In 2014, MIT Technology Review touted this gene-editing technology as “the biggest biotech discovery of the century.” At the very least, CRISPR is the most important innovation in the synthetic biology space in nearly 30 years.


Is The 3-D Camera Tipping Point Here? Apple, Intel, Google, Microsoft, Sony


MIT Technology Review posted in 2012 asking if, and validating that, smart phones may be spreading faster than any other technology in human history


How to search for videos using emoji

The Telegraph

The team have developed Emoji2Video, an interface which returns YouTube videos in response to string of emoji characters, bypassing text entry altogether, MIT Technology Review reported.


The huge, unexpected ethical question that self-driving cars will have to tackle

Business Insider

A recent study called “Autonomous vehicles need experimental ethics,” highlighted by The MIT Technology Review explores these questions, and more.


Self-Driving Cars Arrive, Brain-Inspired Chips


MIT Technology Review: In August last year, IBM unveiled a chip designed to operate something like the neurons and synapses of the brain.


How I Made It: USC professor brings computer animation to life

Los Angeles Times

In 2013, Li was named one of the world’s 35 top innovators under age 35 by the MIT Technology Review.


Why Magic Leap Needs A Dose Of Reality To Succeed


One demo was provided using gear on a kind of computer cart, which, while technically mobile, wasn’t something I could move around with. – Rachel Metz, MIT Technology Review


Chinese Scientists Are Editing Genes to Make Animal ‘Hulks’


In China, scientists have been tweaking the genes of various breeds of dogs to create thickly-muscled beagles and adorable mini-pigs, according to a report from MIT Technology Review.


The Age Of Surveillance At Work Is Upon Us. Thanks a lot, technology.

The Huffington Post

Economist Tyler Cowen explains in the recently released 2015 edition of MIT Technology Review’s Future of Work report, the real economic threat of automation is constant measurement of employees’ performance.


Egyptian Technology Turns Salt Water Into Drinkable Water


According to a March 2015 article in the MIT Technology Review, 700 million people don’t have access to clean water. By 2025, in just 10 years, researchers expect that number to be 1.8 billion.


This ‘emotional’ robot is about to land on US shores — and it wants to be your friend

Tech Insider

In Japan, Pepper the robot bows and “is much more silly and cute,” Aldebaran Robotics communications manager Alia Pyros told MIT Technology Review.


IBM is using its supercomputer to teach robots social skills such as hand gestures and sarcasm Read more:

The Daily Mail

Demonstrating his research to MIT Technology Review at a conference in California, IBM’s Robert High spoke with a robot that used human-like hand gestures and voice tones to enhance its speech.


How to Stop Facebook from Tracking All Your Web Activity

The Huffington Post

According to an MIT Technology Review report, Facebook is weeks away from actually using the data it collects.


Direct-to-Consumer Liquid Biopsy

The Scientist

For now, at least according to MIT Technology Review, consumers should not shell out for the test.


What Your CEO Is Reading: Driving Uber’s CEO; HoloLens in Space

The Wall Street Journal

NASA hopes to use HoloLens aboard the space station to allow astronauts to work with a remote expert who can see what the astronaut sees and help with unfamiliar tasks, MIT Technology Review’s Rachel Metz reports.


How solar panels could capture a lot more sunlight on slanted roofs


According to MIT Technology Review, the kirigami-based approach makes it possible to generate more electricity while using the same amount of semiconducting material


Interpol Creates Digital Currency To Fight Bitcoin Crimes


MIT Technology Review warns that a new Bitcoin-inspired technology – known as smart contracts – may be set to unlock a new wave of criminal innovation.


We should secure the web today against the quantum computers of tomorrow.


As reported by Tom Simonite in MIT Technology Review


Insect-Inspired Artificial Eyes Could Help Drones See

Discovery News

The technology could be applied to any curved surface, from drones and other robots to vehicles and even furniture and clothing, according to MIT Technology Review.


Maps of Vitriolic Twitter Controversies Are Surprisingly Beautiful


As MIT Technology Review reports, the team “found a way to spot the characteristics of a controversy in a collection of tweets and distinguish this from a noncontroversial conversation.” In the process, they created a set of surprisingly beautiful charts.


Surviving Our Robotic Future

The Huffington Post

According to a recent study by Oxford Research reported in the MIT Technology Review, we are witnessing “Tectonic Shifts in Employment (where) information technology is reducing the need for certain jobs faster than new ones are being created.”


Addicted to Your Smartphone? The Company That Made It Would Like You to Think So.

The New York Times

MIT Technology Review had a report a couple of years ago that claimed that smartphones had spread with “unprecedented speed.”


‘Ironman’-like robotic suits could give workers super strength and help them lift heavy objects

Business Insider

Panasonic recently announced it will begin selling these “exoskeletons,” which were developed in collaboration with the company ActiveLink, MIT Technology Review reported.


Wood-based computer chips could be the answer to the electronic waste crisis


According to a piece in MIT Technology Review, using nanocellulose in lieu of conventional silicon requires just a tiny fraction of the semiconducting material otherwise needed in the process.


Suck it up: Carbon capture technologies may be able to remedy climate change

The Christian Science Monitor

“I don’t want us to give people the false hope that air capture can solve the carbon emissions problem without a strong focus on [reducing the use of] fossil fuels,” Robert Socolow told MIT Technology Review.


The riff: robot skills honed on Minecraft

Financial Times

The latest worry comes from the MIT Technology Review. It describes research by Stefanie Tellex, a professor at Brown University, involving Minecraft, the computer game that has been praised for helping children to learn about creativity and problem solving.


Why Are Computers So Bad At Jokes?


That was the question a group of researchers—including The New Yorker’s Cartoon Editor, Bob Mankoff—asked in a study highlighted by Arxiv and MIT’s Technology Review. And really, asking why robots can’t tell jokes is a roundabout way of asking why humans find anything funny.


Does Google’s Ad Network Discriminate Against Women?

Yahoo Tech

A new paper published by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the International Computer Science Institute — originally reported by MIT Technology Review — looked at ads served up on third-party websites using Google’s ad network.


Bloom Launches With A New Way To Connect Parents, Grandparents, and Children


The seed which blossomed into bloom’s initial suite of products was initially laid in founder Keith Kocho’s head by an errant copy of MIT Technology Review, Mr. Kocho says. “My wife dropped a copy of MIT magazine in my lap a couple of years ago. It had Buzz Aldrin on the cover with the line, ‘I wanted Mars colonies and you gave me Facebook,’” Kocho recalled in an email. “Inside were a series of articles on the biggest challenges facing humanity that technology should be addressing. I read an article on the ballooning public health crisis of Alzheimer’s and was inspired.”


Tesla, Xiaomi top MIT’s list of world’s smartest companies


MIT Technology Review has compiled a list of the 50 “smartest” companies in the world. Elon Musk’s Tesla tops the list, while the Chinese mobile and wearables upstart Xiaomi comes in second.


There’s a way to stop data breaches before millions of records are compromised.



Patriot Act or Not, America is Losing Its Privacy


The net result is ultimately a lot more data about you in the hands of others. The MIT Technology Review estimated in 2013 that the average American office worker produces 1.8 million megabytes of data each year.


We’re Doomed: Robots Can Now Learn To Adapt To Injuries

Fast Company

A new study published today in Nature explains how robots can use a sort of “evolutionary algorithm” to learn new ways of operating after being injured, according to the MIT Technology Review.


Creator of insole that protects against landmines named Innovator of the Year

Fox News Latino

Javier Betancur, creator of an insole that provides some protection from exploding landmines, was named the 2015 Innovator of the Year in Colombia by the Spanish-language edition of MIT Technology Review.


Kathleen Kennedy, en busca de la innovación

El Colombiano

Destacar a los innovadores menores de 35 años en el mundo es solo una de las tareas que hace la publicación del MIT Technology. Al frente de ella está Kathleen Kennedy, una mujer que se emociona con los proyectos tecnológicos de los jóvenes.


From Tycoons to State Bosses: Key People in Chinese Business

The New York Times

Last year, Hanergy was ranked No. 23 on MIT Technology Review’s list of the world’s 50 “smartest companies.”


Experts, entrepreneurs and academics gather at EmTech in Colombia

Fox News Latino

Technologies such as 3D printing, nano satellites and urban mobility solutions are among the topics of discussion at EmTech, a gathering of experts, entrepreneurs and academics in this northwestern Colombian city organized by the Spanish-language edition of MIT Technology Review.


Mutant super-spiders weave webs stronger than bulletproof material


Scientists at the University of Trento in Trento, Italy, found a way to make the critters produce webs that are even stronger than they already are, according to MIT Technology Review.


The Blurred Lines of Genetic Data: Practicality, Pleasure and Policing

The Huffington Post

According to Antonio Regalado at MIT Technology Review, Apple will work with academic partners to collect and test DNA


Free Android Apps Secretly Help Track You

Fox News: Business

The research, published in MIT Technology Review, was done by Eurecom of France.


How Sneaky Are Your Android Apps?

PC Magazine

According to security researchers at Eurecom in France, as first reported by MIT Technology Review, a number of free Android apps are constantly pinging URLs, which could put a strain on your device or open you up to unwanted tracking.


Sci-Fi’s Difficult Genius

The New Yorker

Gene Wolfe is known as the Melville of science-fiction. Why hasn’t he found a wider audience? He recently told MIT Technology Review that, after the war, his wife Rosemary “saved” him.


Who’s Afraid Of Superhumanity?


In a phenomenal recent piece by MIT Technology Review, germ-line engineering was introduced with this quote: “The fear is that germ-line engineering is a path toward a dystopia of superpeople and designer babies for those who can afford it.”


Scientists Urge Temporary Moratorium On Human Genome Edits

NPR: All Things Considered

In the last week or so, there’s been a flurry of statements from several groups of scientists warning about all this. MIT Technology Review had an in-depth report on the whole issue a couple of weeks back, if you want to learn more.


Car-to-Car Communication May Hit Roads Soon

US News and World Report

MIT Technology Review named V2V one of the 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2015, predicting that it will become widely available as soon as next year.


Big Brother 2.0: 160,000 Facebook pages are hacked a day

New York Post

The failure of Google Glass also suggests there’s a limit to how we will interface with technology—literally. As one early adopter told the MIT Technology Review.


Now That Google’s Artificial Intelligence Can Beat You At Atari, What’s Next?

CBS San Francisco

“Imagine if you could ask the Google app for something as complex as, ‘Okay, Google, plan me a great backpacking trip through Europe,’” DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis told MIT Technology Review.


MIT Tech Review Thinks You Should Expect Vehicle-to-Vehicle Technology Soon

The MIT Technological Review predicts car-to-car or vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication will be one of the 10 breakthrough technologies of 2015.


The BBVA bank vaults that hoard data instead of bullion

Financial Times

In an article published in MIT Technology Review last year, Francisco González, the bank’s chairman, provided some insight into the specific value of data for banks.


Magic Leap sheds light on its retina-based augmented-reality 3D displays


Rachel Metz, who wrote about Magic Leap for MIT Technology Review, explained what the mystery company is actually working on and how it differs from other virtual reality projects.


Your total is $57.67 — will that be cash, credit or phone?


New payment technology is coming this year to the US, in a big way. Interview with Nanette Byrnes, Senior Editor of Business Reports, MIT Technology Revie


What Do Driverless Cars Have to Do With Organ Donors?

According to MIT Technology Review, Harvard materials scientist Dr. Jennifer Lewis and her team have already successfully created tissue interlaced with blood vessels using 3-D printing technology.


Media companies need to wake up to the digital advertising mess


MIT Technology Review reports that ads viewed by robots generating fake—but billable—impressions become a plague as the rate of bogus clicks is said to be around 36%.


Cities on Earth grow in the same way as galaxies: Scientists uncover surprising parallels between man and nature

The Daily Mail

According to a report by MIT Technology Review, the team used models governing the spread of galaxies, to show that this approach works for urban growth.


Google axes the sale of Google Glass, for now

The Christian Science Monitor

James Katz, Boston University’s director of emerging media studies, said he did not find the device “useful” and it “disturbed” people around him, as he said in a 2014 interview with MIT Technology Review.


Squeezing cells to make their walls temporarily permeable could open the door to new cancer and HIV treatments.

The Aspen Institute

MIT Technology Review Editor, Kevin Bullis’ story is one of Aspen Institute’s “Five Best Ideas”


Office fitness trackers: Fun perk or creepy leash?


When Rachel Metz of MIT Technology Review compared three fitness bands from leading companies simultaneously, she discovered a difference of more than 40% between the highest and lowest score.


Five things elsewhere that made us smarter: Legend of the troll hunters.


Adrian Chen explores the process, consequences, and morality of unmasking trolls at the MIT Technology Review.


NFL Finds Way to Make Football Even More Dangerous

“Any of these injections have a placebo effect,” Freddie Fu, chairman of sports medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, told MIT Technology Review. “We don’t really know what exactly what it does, biologically.”


Using the Phil Fisher Growth Checklist to Analyze Google


An article from the MIT Technology Review cites Google’s head of research Alfred Spector as saying that it’s increasingly harder to do computer science research without the backing of corporations.


Will Robotics Breed a New Generation of Super Professionals?

The Huffington Post

For anyone skeptical about the shift toward more automation and less humans, MIT Technology Review shared an infographic back in August that puts things into perspective.


MIT launches “Solve” to galvanize action on solving the world’s great challenges

MIT News

Leaders to gather for keystone event at MIT next October.


Inspired by geckos (and possibly ‘Mission Impossible’), researchers unveil adhesives that allow humans to scale walls

The Washington Post

According to MIT Technology Review, this week, four Stanford University researchers announced that they’ve succeeded in creating a “gecko-inspired human climbing system”


A soothsayer for the digital age

USA Today

Listed as one of MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35, Radinsky is now trying to parlay [her work] into a new company aimed at helping businesses predict consumer behavior.


Why Intel Is One of the Best Internet of Things Investments


The MIT Technology Review estimates that nearly all the growth of the IoT will exclude mobile phones.


Google made a ‘Google Drive for genomes,’ and it wants hospitals and universities to sign on

The Verge

Google Genomics was actually launched last March, but a number of other announcements caused it to go largely unnoticed, reports MIT Technology Review.


Innovation Hub Live: the Power of You


What do you get when you combine 3-D printers, floating tables, cell phone polling, and an enthusiastic audience? An Innovation Hub live event, of course, featuring our Editor in Chief and Publisher, Jason Pontin.


Experts: Major cyberattack will hit in next 11 years

USA Today

Jason Pontin, editor in chief of MIT Technology Review cites the 2009 Stuxnet computer worm that disabled Iranian nuclear plant centrifuges.


The Myth of the Self-Driving Car


This week on Money Talking, host Charlie Herman talks with Will Knight from MIT Technology Review to get a reality check about self-driving cars and what it means for the economy, the auto industry and for us.


IBM Reinvents Itself By Establishing A Frontier Homestead For Cognitive Computing


Last month on the sidelines of the EmTech MIT event hosted by MIT Technology Review, IBM’s Mike Rhodin defined cognitive computing as, “systems that can understand natural language, that can start to connect the dots or create an understanding of what they read, and then learn through practice.”


High-Tech Yogurt Could Detect Disease

The Scientist

Bioengineer Sangeeta Bhatia told MIT Technology Review that she is creating a company to commercialize her invention.


Groundbreaking stem-cell research boosts Marlborough-based ACT

Boston Business Journal

Advanced Cell Technology’s chief scientific officer, Robert Lanza, told MIT Technology Review about some of the positive results their therapy is bringing patients


Watson, the IBM supercomputer, might replace the loudmouth in your business meetings


According to the MIT Technology Review, IBM is testing the idea at a lab where everything said in a demo room lined with microphones can be transcribed, and in some cases synthesized, by Watson, the Jeopardy! champion supercomputer.


Vinod Khosla: Soon, your doctor might be a cellphone app

MarketWatch/The Wall Street Journal

Khosla recently told the MIT Technology Review Digital Summit in San Francisco that fewer doctors and more machines will soon be assessing your health.


GE prototype uses microwaves measure the calories in your food


According to Technology Review, GE has revealed that it has developed a prototype device that can measure the number of calories in food.


Food 2.0


Food created in a lab is no longer the sole domain of NASA and the snack industry. A Silicon Valley-type start-up that believes the key to sustainability can be found in the chicken-less egg. We speak with Ted Greenwald about his recent MIT Technology Review article.


Breakthrough Technologies in 2014


Brian Bergstein, deputy director at MIT Technology Review, talked about the breakthrough technologies from the past year that will influence the future. This program was part of a “Washington Journal” series highlighting recent magazine articles.


Word of Mouth Covered 5 Of The 10 Biggest Breakthroughs In MIT Technology Review


Each spring, MIT Technology Review puts out its list of the 10 biggest breakthrough technologies – and every year we check that list to see how many of them have been covered on Word of Mouth.


MIT Tech Review: Proposed Net Neutrality Rules Already Hurting Innovation

According to MIT Technology Review, the threat that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposed new rules on net neutrality could pass, has already had the innovation effect net neutrality advocates warn of


MIT Technology Review and the 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2014

Bloomberg Radio

Our deputy Editor, Brian Bergstein, sat down with Bloomberg Surveillance’s Tom Keene and Michael McKee to talk tech.


Scientists discover ‘off switch’ for brain

Atlanta Journal Constitution

MIT Technology Review explains how researchers have developed two new proteins which can be added to neurons then shut off when reacting to small light pulses.


The Biggest Tech Breakthroughs

ABC News Radio

Deputy Editor, Brian Bergstein talks with ABC News’ Alex Stone about the 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2014


Drones, Phones and Mind Maps – Technology Breakthroughs

ABC News

Drones for farmers, brain mapping for neuroscientists and super-private smartphones are among the 10 breakthrough technologies highlighted in the new, annual list by MIT Technology Review.


‘Heartbleed’ pain continues


MIT Technology Review’s IT Editor, Tom Simonite discusses how devices are effected by the bug.


Some Devices May Never Recover From The Heartbleed Bug, Report Says

Business Insider

According to a new report from MIT Technology Review, there are many devices that may never see a fix.


Google Project Ara component pics showcase modular design


Google’s Project Ara has been detailed in bits and pieces over past months, the latest of which being on MIT Technology Review


MIT creates a system to “PRISM-proof” websites

Ars Technica

MIT Technology Review reports on a new system that could secure data by encrypting it before it leaves your computer.


Bitcoin’s Rules Might Reward Self-Interest a Little Too Much

A couple of academic analyses have identified two potentially fatal flaws in the much-hyped system of digital currency, Tom Simonite reports for MIT Technology Review.


Illumina named world’s smartest company

The San Diego Union-Tribune

The MIT Technology Review’s annual list of the world’s smartest companies is creating some buzz.


IBM researchers say Twitter users are telling the whole world where they live

MarketWatch/The Wall Street Journal

MIT Technology Review reports that a new algorithm developed by a team at the IBM Research Center in Almaden, Calif., is purportedly capable of determining a user’s home city.


What Your CEO Is Reading: Hidden Influencers; Google Researchers; Jobless Engineers

The Wall Street Journal

MIT Technology Review’s Tom Simonite writes that Google’s working groups are instead tasked with running day-to-day business operations as well as pushing boundaries.


Facebook’s DeepFace software recognizes faces as well as humans do

New York Daily News

According to MIT Technology Review, the new facial recognition software accurately places faces 97.25% of the time.


Facebook’s DeepFace shows serious facial recognition skills

CBS News

First reported by MIT Technology Review, the development of DeepFace represents a significant advancement over previous facial recognition systems. This is due to the new approach to artificial intelligence known as “deep learning,” in which networks of simulated neurons learn to recognize patterns in large amounts of data.


Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift: Virtual reality headsets are coming soon

Virtual reality — and the headsets that would transport wearers there — are not a new concept. In the 1980s, according to MIT Technology Review, people could strap on a $100,000 headset (along with other electronic gear) and their brains would be fooled into thinking they were in a new world.


Facebook’s DeepFace Software Can Match Faces With 97.25% Accuracy


According to MIT, DeepFace uses a 3D model for rotating faces virtually.


Ser innovador pero con ambición (Be innovative but with ambition)

El Colombiano

Jason Pontin opened the second day of Emtech Colombia with one of the most anticipated announcements of the past 12 months: the 50 smartest and disruptive companies in 2014. (In Spanish)


50 Smartest Companies - Marketplace Tech

Marketplace Tech / American Public Media

How do you choose the smartest 50 companies in the world? Luckily, we don’t have to answer that question. MIT Technology Review has tried to answer it for us. (at 3:09)


Actually, I prefer cash for my personal data

An article today in the MIT Technology Review reports on Datacoup, which is offering individuals $8 a month for a combination of their social media data and a feed of transactions from their debit and credit cards.


Forget Augmented Reality. What About Diminished Reality?


Technology Review ran an article this past week about a new app called PlaceAvoider that is being developed by computer scientists working at Indiana University which essentially blacklists locations from visual storage and sharing.


Quantum Microscope Uses Spooky Entangled Photons To See Better

Popular Science

There’s a new experimental microscope that visualizes incredibly difficult-to-see things with incredible accuracy via entangled photons, MIT Technology Review reports.


Thwarting hackers with “honey”

An article today in MIT Technology review explains a new and potentially more effective kind of digital security.


Boston Company Developing Synthetic Organs


According to MIT Technology Review, Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, a Boston-based regenerative-medicine company, is developing synthetic tracheas, a venture that it plans to pursue on a larger scale soon.


Synthetic organ technology moving forward

A Boston-area company is preparing to manufacture the scaffolds used to grow these synthetic organs on a large scale, MIT Technology Review reported.


Who’s Winning the Electric Car Market Race?

Bloomberg TV and BloombergBusinessweek

MIT Technology Review Senior Editor Kevin Bullis discusses the electric automobile market on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.”


Food Fight Over Genetically Modified Foods

Bloomberg TV and BloombergBusinessweek

MIT Technology Review Editor David Rotman discusses the growing global food demand and genetically modified foods with Tangent Capital Partner’s Bob Rice and Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.”


Connecting to the Internet of Things

Bloomberg TV and BloombergBusinessweek

MIT Technology Review Deputy Director Brian Bergstein discusses the internet of things and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


The Digital Divide Created by Google Glass

Bloomberg TV and BloombergBusinessweek

MIT Technology Review Deputy Editor Brian Bergstein discusses the breakthrough technologies of 2013 with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.”


How World’s Fair Sounded

The Boston Globe

MIT Technology Review describes an idea called “approximate computing” which aims to save energy by letting computers relax a little.


Why Robots Are Better Than Humans At Testing Human User Experiences

Popular Science

Intel doesn’t use a person to test your touchscreen device, MIT Technology Review reports. Instead, it uses robots to evaluate how much people will like new devices.


What Is the Future of Money?

Bloomberg TV and BloombergBusinessweek

MIT Technology Review Business Editor Antonio Regalado discusses the future of money in a digital world with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.”


A Look at Twitter’s Path to Profitability

Bloomberg TV and BloombergBusinessweek

MIT Technology Review Chief Correspondent David Talbot discusses Twitter’s revenue with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.”


How a Pill Filled With Bacteria Could Actually Make You Better


A company called Seres Health plans to use molecular analysis to understand exactly what bacteria are required to do good. MIT Technology Review explains.


What It Takes to Build the Next Silicon Valley

Bloomberg TV and BloombergBusinessweek

Jason Pontin, chairman of the MIT Enterprise Forum, discusses what it takes to build a global tech hub.


How could digital currencies, like Bitcoin, change the future of our economy?

KALW Public Radio / NPR Digital Network

Tom Simonite, MIT Technology Review’s IT editor for hardware and software discusses Bitcoin, the most popular online cash system to date.


With hyper-connectivity, ‘we’re reinventing what it means to be human’

CNN Money/Fortune

At Moscow’s biggest annual technology and innovation forum, technologists from around the world agree: Connectivity is changing us.


How Will Apple Deal With Samsung’s Competition?

Bloomberg TV

MIT Technology Review Deputy Editor Brian Bergstein discusses the heated competition between Apple and Samsung with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.”


Technology Expert Sees Fear of Failure Inhibiting Russian Innovation

The Moscow Times

Russia has many of the necessary elements to take its place next to the U.S. and China as one of the great developers of global technologies, said Jason Pontin, editor-in-chief of MIT’s Technology Review, which conducted the research.


Facebook Hasn’t Even Begun To Exploit Everything It Knows About You

The Huffington Post

Deep learning, another area of AI that lets computers find emotions or events that aren’t explicitly stated in text, is also receiving concerted attention from Facebook, the company’s Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer told the Technology Review earlier this year.


EmTech MIT 2013 Media Roundup

MIT Technology Review and other Media Sources

A collection of stories that came out of the 2013 event…including our own.


This chart shows our tweets are getting shorter

The Washington Post

The MIT Technology Review relays this chart from researchers at the University of the Philippines which shows that a lot of us have actually become pretty effective at not hitting the 140 character limit.


This Algorithm Distills Your Life Story From Your Twitter Stream


According to MIT Technology Review, researchers from Cornell and Carnegie Mellon University have created an algorithm that can tell a Twitter user’s life story based on information shared over his or her account.


Surplus fossil fuels make it even harder to stay within our carbon budget

Scientific American

Kevin Bullis has written a smart piece at MIT Technology Review about how mankind is likely to blow by the 1-trillion ton carbon budget.


Jason Pontin: Can technology solve our big problems?

TED - Ideas Worth Spreading

The awesome power of technology was to be used to solve all of our big problems. Fast forward to present day, and what’s happened? Are mobile apps all we have to show for ourselves?


Steve Jobs’ Final Vision Is Coming True Thanks (In Part) To Bill Gates And Google

Business Insider

Foundation Medicine offers the public the kind of in-detailed genetic cancer testing made famous by Steve Jobs, reports Antonio Regalado, MIT Technology Review.


Cover story: MIT Technology Review

Society for News Design (SND)

MIT Technology Review Creative Director Eric Mongeon shares how the September/October issue of MIT Technology Review was developed.


Notre Dame researchers create concussion app for voice analysis

MIT Technology Review reported there might be a first at the University of Notre Dame – an app that scans football players for concussions by voice analysis.


Car Factories Turn Robots And Humans Into Co-Workers

NPR: the two-way

Robots are working alongside humans on car production lines, taking what MIT Technology Review calls “a huge step toward revolutionizing the role of robots” at car factories.


Three of MIT Tech Review’s Top Innovators Under 35

Bloomberg TV and BloombergBusinessweek

Jason Pontin, editor-in-chief of MIT Technology Review, discusses a few of the innovators on the publication’s annual “35 Under 35 Innovators” list with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.”


Geek of the Week: Julie Kientz, UW researcher and one of the world’s top innovators under 35


There are talented, hard-working, young people doing good work all over the planet. And then there are the MIT Technology Review’s 35 innovators under the age of 35 that are simply on another level.


6 ideas to watch from MIT Technology Review’s 35 Innovators Under 35 list


From a nuclear reactor that runs on nuclear waste to a totally new way to transfer money, big ideas are coming out of the younger generation.


MIT Tech Review’s new list of top young techies

Marketplace Tech

Far from the Fortune 500 and the Nasdaq, there’s another list that people in the tech world pay close attention to. It’s the annual list of top innovators under 35 from the MIT Technology Review.


MIT Technology Review crowns its 35 top young innovators

Fox News

Jason Pontin of MIT Technology Review talks about the hotly-anticipated annual list of up-and-coming tech innovators


Dwolla’s Milne to grace cover of MIT tech magazine as top innovator

Des Moines Register

The founder of Des Moines-based Dwolla will grace the cover of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s special Technology Review Innovators issue, which names him one of 35 Innovators Under 35. He was one of just seven entrepreneurs on the list, with the rest of the list populated by inventors, humanitarians and pioneers.


Jason Pontin on the Most Innovative People Under 35

1080 KRLD

Mitch Carr interviews Jason Pontin regarding their just-released 2013 Innovators Under 35 list


Who Are MIT Tech Review’s Top Innovators Under 35?

Bloomberg TV and BloombergBusinessweek

Jason Pontin, editor-in-chief of MIT Technology Review, discusses the publication’s annual “35 Under 35 Innovators” list with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.”


Jason Pontin Talks Cyber Censorship and Disruptive Technologies

ABC News Australia

News Exchange sits down with Jason Pontin, Editor in Chief of MIT Technology Review, to get his take on cyber censorship, distruptive technologies, and the future of social platforms.


FIDO Equips Dogs With Google Glass-Like Tech

PC Magazine

According to MIT Technology Review, three service dogs participating in an early study were quick to understand technology which could eventually allow bomb-sniffing dogs to remotely communicate with their handler about found explosives.


History and Capability of Drones


Fred Kaplan talked about his MIT Technology Review article on the history and capability of drones. He also responded to telephone calls and electronic communications.


10 Breakthrough Technologies Live

Brian Bergstein MIT Technology Review’s annual list of technologies they believe will expand the scope of human possibilities.


AMP Speaker Interview | Jason Pontin

Amplify Festival

As we race ever faster into the future, Jason Pontin, editor-in-chief of MIT Technology Review, takes pause with Marcus Costello to reflect on the nature of progress.


10 Breakthrough Technologies For 2013...According To MIT


Every year, the MIT technology review publishes a list of ten breakthrough technologies. From health care to environmental sustainability to consumer electronics, the list covers at it all. Here to discuss this year’s picks, just released yesterday, is Brian Bergstein, deputy editor of the MIT Technology Review.


How Wireless Carriers Are Monetizing Your Movements

WNHN Radio

Wireless data shows where people live, work, and play is being sold to businesses and city planners, as mobile operators seek new sources of revenue. Arnie Arnesen chats with Jessica Leber MIT Technology Review Business Editor.


On Its 7th Birthday, Is Twitter Still The 'Free Speech Party'?


Jason Pontin, the editor in chief of MIT’s Technology Review, recalls that he didn’t think Twitter was good for anything more profound than those first tweets. He says at the time he thought “Twitter was in the business of allowing people to advertise trivialities.” Today, Pontin says he thinks of Twitter differently, and so do its executives.


The 50 most 'Disruptive' companies

Brian Bergstein discusses MIT Technology Review’s 2013 list of the 50 companies making the biggest impact on the tech world.


How To Pitch: MIT Technology Review


Every section of this tech-focused outlet is open to strong, timely ideas.


Marcellus Shale Hour: Exporting

CBS Pittsburgh/KDKA Radio

MIT Technology Review’s Senior Editor of Energy Kevin Bullis offers insight on the U.S. and their role in exporting natural gas.


To catch an iPhone thief

CNN Radio

If it wasn’t for stolen iPhones, overall crime in New York City for 2012 would have been down according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg. A lot of those iPhones and iPads might be sold outside of the United States, according to MIT Technology Review Editor Will Knight.


I'm Jason Pontin, Editor in Chief and Publisher of MIT Technology Review, and This Is How I Work

The How I Work series asks heroes, experts, brilliant, and flat-out productive people to share their shortcuts, workspaces, routines, and more.


Washington Journal for Wednesday, December 26


Spotlight on Magazines – MIT Technology Review Editor in Chief, Jason Pontin: “Why We Can’t Solve Big Problems”


Why we got Facebook and not Mars colonies

MarketWatch/The Wall Street Journal

“You Promised Me Mars Colonies,” warns astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the cover of the MIT Technology Review, “Instead, I Got Facebook,” And there, folks, you have the anti-Silicon Valley argument in a nutshell, according to the Review’s editor-in-chief Jason Pontin in his provocative article, “Why We Can’t Solve Big Problems.”


No Flying Cars, but the Future is Bright

“You promised me Mars colonies. Instead, I got Facebook,” reads the cover of the current issue of MIT Technology Review. In an essay titled “Why We Can’t Solve Big Problems,” editor Jason Pontin considers “why there are no disruptive innovations” today.


Big Challenges: accomplishing really big things again

NPR's On Point with Tom Ashbrook

Once we went to the Moon. Now we make smartphone apps. We’ll talk about really taking on our big challenges, with big ambition again. Cancer. The climate. Sky’s the limit.


Baxter: An industrial robot that anyone can use


Rethink Robotics, aims to revolutionize the industrial robots that work in factories around the world. Rethink and Brooks are profiled in a recent article at MIT Technology Review.


Sunday Reading: MIT Technology Review

Smith Journal

The MIT Technology Review is a rich vein of science-ish knowledge into which you should tap. Unapologetically geeky, the focus is on the human significance of our interaction with the tools we create, the problems they solve and the meanings they propose.


Obama's challenge: Thinking big

The Washington Post

David Ignatius argues that Obama’s challenge for his second term is to solve the ‘Big Problems,’ as outlined by the current issue of MIT Technology Review.


US election campaigning in 140 characters

BBC News

Could the use of social networks swing such a tight US presidential election race this time around? Listen to MIT Technology Review’s David Talbot discuss with Ian Hardy.


Technology Review Relaunches With Digital Focus


Technology Review has relaunched itself as MIT Technology Review, taking one more step toward a digital-first transformation worthy of its cutting-edge namesake.


MIT Technology Review Relaunches 'Digital-First'


113-year-old publication could create the road map for legacy media’s transition to digital


Romney and Obama Surrogates Square Off on Energy

IEEE Spectrum

Last Friday, two substantial representatives of the Romney and Obama campaigns debated energy before an audience at MIT, with Technology Review editor Jason Pontin acting as moderator.


MIT Technology Review: What's Next in Social and Tech

Truventis Digital Insider Radio Show

Truventis talks with Jason Pontin, Editor in Chief and Publisher of MIT’s Technology Review. The magazine has become a leader in offering readers a leading edge of social media, business, technology, biotechnology, and more.


CMU doctoral student named one of MIT Technology Review's top 35 innovators under 35

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Chris Harrison, a doctoral student in Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute, has been recognized by the MIT’s Technology Review as one of the world’s top 35 innovators under the age of 35


MIT to honour two professors transforming the world from Toronto

The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Hossein Rahnama of Ryerson University and Joyce Poon of the University of Toronto will be recognized for their individual achievements on Tuesday by MIT’s Technology Review.


MIT's 35 under 35 list covers tech from Dropbox to medical devices


For those who doubt that there’s a lot of young tech talent out there, check out MIT Technology Review’s new list of 35 innovators under 35.


Powering Connecticut: Germany is getting rid of its power plants. Should we be following suit?

Connecticut Public Broadcasting

CPB interviews David Talbot, chief correspondent for Technology Review magazine at MIT, who wrote an article called “The Great German Energy Experiment” about Germany’s plan to eliminate nuclear plants.


MIT's 'Technology Review' Launches Digital First Initative


Jason Pontin has a daunting task at hand. The editor in chief and publisher of MIT’s Technology Review is the man charged with recalibrating the 112-year-old thought-leading publication, a duty he described to Adweek as an “on some level unwelcome, but intellectually interesting task, which is the result of living in difficult times.”


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